Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SeraBUT SChOOl ReGIstraTIon

The whole day susah hati memikirkan school decision utk sikecil Danny nie.
Today I had a visit to Smart Reader Mutiara Damansara.
Biasa la, sorang2 lagi. Alhamdulillah bertemankan Danny.
Dia memang suka kalau ajak berjalan nih.
Daddy nyer alasan...ngantok sgt, x cukup tido.
OK la, kalau ikut pon x kan menyumbang apa2 pon.
Tapi lg best kalau mummy & daddy together settle this matter.
Mmm..what to do!

Danny very excited bila ja enter the gate...
It was in corner lot banglow house.
While having a discussion with principal..Danny make his own business "playing around".
Maybe the principal in hurry so we have just a simple discussion about the registration fees.
I dont want to make a decision at that time to proceed registration.
I just want to going home discuss with Danny & my hubby.
Nak jgak dengar opinion diaorg.
Normally, kalau buat decision on the spot ni mesti ada yg x kena..menyesal pon ada.
So, ambik jalan terbaik..relax dulu, open table & discuss.
Baru nak open table...hubby dah otw g keja..
frustrated betul..Lastly mummy punya decision jgak laa.

Kepala makin berat, migrain dah nak datang.
Hati manyak susah..lagi tak buat decision, lagi susah hati.
Danny suppose start school tomorrow 4/1/2011 Wednesday.
By hook or by crook kena buat decision this afternoon jgak.

Damansara Perdana
1) Shop lot 2nd floor
2) Small place
3) Kindergarten environment very interesting (inner side)
4) Clean & tidy
5) Complete equipment
6) Teacher very nice, friendly (with detail explanation & guide)
7) Morning session fees around RM1300
(include : new student registration, annual fee, stationary, sport, insurance, term fee:jan & dec, books & uniform)
8) Transportation : 1 way RM70, 2 way RM135
9) Evening fees : tutorial (include lunch & tea) RM700

Mutiara Damansara
1) Corner lot banglow house
2) Wide place with outside playground
3) Kindergarten environment just ok (inner side)
4) Clean & tidy
5) Complete equipment
6) Teacher nice & friendly (but leak of detail explanation)
7) Morning sesion fees sround RM1800
(include : new student registration, annual fee, stationary, sport, insurance, term fee:jan, feb,march & dec, books & uniform not include sock, shoe, school bag)
8) Transportation self arrangement (will introduce by smart reader)
9) Evening fees : Daycare RM350

Smart Soleh
1) Daycare experienced before
2) Islamic kindergarten
3) Kindergarten fees around RM800
4) Monthly fee RM270
5) half Daycare RM120
6) Al-Quran (mengaji class) RM35

When compare the fees, it just slightly different.
I want to send him to SRMD just because reason no2.
In the other hand I prefer send him to SRDP because of no3 & 6.
But maybe in SRMD I will get cheeper transportation fee. So it will reduce our monthly payment for Danny school expenses.

On the way back to my house, I though 7 times I ask danny which school he likes most.
He's answered remain same SRDP...
I just ask why "Danny kan suka main playground kat luar. Kenapa tak suka school kat situ" and the answer is " Danny tak suka playground".
Pelik!!! I kept asking last baru tau "teacher tu suka marah Danny"
Then I cakap.." Danny naughty, of course mana2 teacher pon marah Danny, teacher Smart Soleh pon marah kalau Danny naughty".

Bila sampai rumah, I sit down and start thinking again.
Kena buat decision skang jgak, coz esok dah nak hantar school. I believe my hubby will agree with the decision I make.

At last I decided to send him morning session with Smart Reader Damansara Perdana & Half Daycare with Smart Soleh. The reason was, I dont want him to miss islamic education and at the same time I want to expose him to english education environment (communication) to make him well prepared in future.
Why I choose SRDP rather than SRMD because of 1 incident there, bila Danny berlari keluar pagar.
Alhamdulillah dapat tangkap dia cepat & x der kereta lalu at that time. I strongly believed environment there was not for Danny, not because of the kindergarten but because of Danny. He is very unexpected child plus active terlebih...

Walaupun dah buat decision still pening kepala & susah hati..
I think every parent feel the same as I was.
Then I call SMDP and make an appointment for Danny registration petang td jgak dlm 2.30pm.
By 5.00pm all registration settle. Lambat skit la coz tggu que.

Total monthly fee for Danny : RM590
Smart Reader     : RM270
Smart Soleh       : RM150
Transportation    : RM135
Al-Quran class   : RM35

Macam biasa, bila cita kat hubby, masuk kiri keluar kanan..
Dia setuju ja. yang penting share, half2...
He really trust his independent wife...
Tangan didada, mata keatas, lidah terjelir..

Kalau dihitung agak mahal cost untuk school Danny nie..
Insyaallah boleh afford, memandangkan Danny the only child we had at the moment.
Apa yang ada hanya untuk dia & seboleh-bolehnya apa yang mampu,
kami cuba sediakan for our Beloved Danny....

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